Real State NFT System

KS Real Estate: Houses are NFTs with unique usefulness on Kingdom Swap 2.0


There are two ways to purchase a house in the Kingdom Swap 2.0: One of them is minting directly on our app, whereby the smart contract will randomly send to your wallet, which you have the chance to acquire a well-located, big size, or even a Guild house, for the lowest (minting) price. And the second option is into the Marketplace, whereas the seller choose the price, same as any other NFT, which will be on the well-known (the largest NFT Marketplace).The value of the NFTs depends on their rarity. You will be able to find a wide variety of NFT collectables that you can trade on the server. You can also purchase them through the marketplace.

SCARCITY & RARITY There are only 861 houses, which means only 861 players (or less) will benefit from owning a house, which is a pretty low number compared with any other NFT projects.

The NFT traits will follow the NFT tier system: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary — which will depend on the size in sqm, location, and the number of beds.

The floor price will exclusively depend on the small group of purchasers since they will probably be using the in-game benefits, holding it — not willing to sell. We will point out the benefits in the following subject.


  • Those who own a house will have a bonus of 10% on the Gold Coins withdrawals to the competition — to every Weekly Reward Pool. For instance: if you withdraw 10,000 Gold Coins, you will receive 11,000 Gold Coins on the competition;

  • Exclusive Events and prizes; A quick example for the best-decorated house;

  • Special Airdrops; Eventually there will be Airdrops for house owners;

  • Access to an exclusive chat “#house-owners” on Discord;

  • Sleeping on the bed to regenerate HP and Mana while offline;

  • We doubled up the regeneration: 1 tick each 7.5 seconds, or 480 per hour;

  • Protection Zone, your home is your safe zone;

  • Keep an unlimited number of items;

  • Safely show your items and equipment to others;

  • Allow your friends access to join your house;

  • Houses are limited, only a tiny number of owners will have them, and it has outstanding utilities. It may be an excellent opportunity for investment and speculation.


By minting a house, you have the opportunity to guarantee a great location, or a big size house, even a Guild House, at the mint price.

The better and well-located, the more valuable it is.

EVERYBODY IS ALLOWED: Do NOT need to be a player to purchase a house, for investment, or whatever the purpose.

LIMITED SUPPLY: 861 houses minted only.

NO LIMITATION PER WALLET: One wallet may own unlimited houses/NFTs

TRY YOUR LUCK: the smart contract will send randomly houses to the purchasers, not possible to choose.

NO WAY TO RENT A HOUSE: We revoked the Rent System, you cannot rent houses.

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