Skull System


The Skull System is a system that was made to make sure that Player Killing wouldn't get out of control. When a player attacks someone who is not skulled, he/she gets a white skull. If a player kills someone with a white, red or green skull they won't get skulled.

You can check your character's current Unjustified Kills by typing !kills in game.

A player will get white skull if they attack or kill another player. If they only attack, the skull will remain until the Logout Block is gone ( you will also receive a Protection Zone Block 'till logout block is gone, together with the White Skull ). However, if they kill another player, they will get white skull for 15 minutes, and every offense against other players during that time will reset the time, so players killers will have to wait another 15 minutes.

Killing a white skulled player is a justified kill. However, if you kill a White Skull you will have to wait a minute to lose the Protection Zone Block.

A player gets a red skull if they kill:

  • Three or more unmarked characters in one day (24 hours),

  • Five or more unmarked characters in one week (7 days), or

  • Ten or more unmarked characters in one month (30 days).

A red skull will last for the 30 days following the last unjust kill over the allowed amount. If you pass the allowed limit again this will cause the one-month red skull penalty to start over. A red-skulled player who dies will drop all items, regardless of whether they have an Amulet of Loss! This will encourage players to hunt and to punish players who have a red skull.

If you encounter a red-skull player on your screen, be cautious! Random player killers often have red skulls. Of course, players not marked with skulls can be random player killers too, but a red-skull indicates an aggressive person.


If a player exceeds the limit of Player Killing further from the Red Skull limit. They will be banished for some time.

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