Everything you need to know about our marketplace, and how to use it.


To buy/sell items/NFTs in our marketplace, you need KS Tokens. The Kingdom Swap's marketplace is divided into two parts. The general marketplace, where players can buy a multitude of things to use in-game. And the NFT Marketplace, where not only players can buy and sell NFTs, but also non-players have access to it just by creating an account on our platform.

The main function of the general marketplace, is to offer a more dynamic and fun experience to players, as well as make them stand out from others for investing in the utilities sold in the market. And of course, controlling the price, making players spend their tokens to get various advantages in the game.

The NFT Marketplace, on the other hand, serves for players/non-players to buy and sell NFTs in order to profit from the appreciation/devaluation of rare collectibles.

Nft owners have some perks here in Kingdom Swap. Such as access to an exclusive chat within our discord server and exclusive features for those who own the NFTs. These features are better according to the rarity/quantity of NFTs that the player has.

To buy/sell items/NFTs in our marketplace, you need KS Tokens. You can get tokens by playing the game, or by purchasing them through Pancake Swap.

If you decided to farm your tokens by playing, just right click on the gold coins acquired in-game and they are automatically sent to your wallet on the platform.

However, if you want to buy tokens through Pancake Swap, just send the amount of tokens purchased to this wallet address: To be Disclosed, and your tokens will be available in your account on the platform within 1 minute.

To learn how our NFT's are minted, check this article.

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