Knights are masters of melee combat, they use their brutal physical strength for battle and fight using melee weapons like swords, axes or clubs.

As a result of their focus on physical skills, knights are severely lacking in terms of magical abilities.


  • Knights advance the fastest in melee skills.

  • Knights advance quickly in shielding, at the same rate as paladins and much faster than sorcerers and druids.

  • Largest carrying capacity.

  • Largest amount of hitpoints and fastest regeneration.

  • Can use Challenge to rescue their teammates.

  • Knights are melee fighters and as such, they don't need to run around shooting enemies with runes or ranged weapons, their gameplay tends to be a bit more relaxed.

  • The only supplies knights need on a hunt are healing runes, they have no need for ammunition and because of that, and their huge carrying capacity, they are good at money-making.

  • Knights have access to more types of strong, defense-oriented equipment than other classes.

  • They're welcome in hunting teams because of their high defense and resistance against physical damage.

  • Their primary role is to be the tank and the loot collector, they block the monsters' damage while others attack from a distance like Paladins and Sorcerers and the Druids using heal friend spells to help him to block monsters in a better way and for his huge carrying capacity to collect monsters' loot 'cause a higher levels knights rarelly runs out of capacity unlike other classes with less carrying capacity making knights an indispensable class for team hunts like Druids.


When a Knight reaches level 20, they can purchase a promotion and become an Elite Knight with certain benefits.


Knights: When advancing a level, a knight gains 25 capacity, 15 hitpoints and 5 mana. Hitpoints and mana regenerates 1 point every 6 seconds.

Elite Knight: When advancing a level, a knight gains 25 capacity, 15 hitpoints and 5 mana. Hitpoints an mana regenerates 1 point every 5 seconds.

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