Game and Lore

Kingdom Swap it is a medieval world with a variety of quests and challenges.

Kingdom Swap is a great entry into MMORPGs for new players and it's a great way for one to explore the genre. It’s worth mentioning that it is also a game that involves a lot of grinding in non PVP mode, so it’s important to explore the mode that suits you.

You can enjoy a seamless gameplay on our server with its unique gameplay by doing the quests in the game, killing creatures, fighting with other players or just exploring the game lore.

You can use the tokens in our Market Place to buy features as premium time, change name/sex or amazing items. In addition to all the fun and mysteries to be unraveled by playing Kingdom Swap, you can earn money to play!

In-game comms

Chat is super easy to use, helping you and your friends to enjoy seamless communication between you and the others on the server. It’s also a great way to meet people from all over the world and play together!

Hunting in single and multiplayer mode.

Hunting can be easy, hard, or just normal depending on the area you choose to hunt in, providing you with a choice between a relaxed and more engaging experience.

Guilds can team up or fight against each other.

The challenge is that the game punishes you when you die, making hunting even more thrilling and giving you an incentive to try out different techniques and characters.

You will be using weapons as well as magic throughout the game.

The fighting is point and click-based with hotkeys for items or special skills.

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