Game Economy

The new concept and a well-crafted system from scratch hit the economy directly to its heart, called “Weekly Reward Pool” segmented by Level system.

Rewards in Dollars (BUSD); Up to $5,000 Weekly Rewards Pool; Low fee entrance: $45 (for 30 days); Rewards according to Level Range; Incentives for Higher Levels; Incentives to own or rent a house; Different Strategies to maximize profits; Weekly incentives for the players; Hidden NFTs around the map and quests;

No more Oracle; No more nerfs in the loots; No more volatility on Rewards; No more Daily Withdrawal Limits;

Reduced selling pressure to the token; Real Estate System SOON Staking & Farming SOON; DAO Governance / Council System by Staking SOON; And much more…


Every week will have up to $5,000 distribution to the players; The payments will no longer be worth tokens, but $BUSD, with no more volatility as 1 BUSD = 1 USD in real life.

You do not need to sell $KS2 tokens on the market to earn dollars; However, Premium Time and everything in the Marketplace still needs the token to be purchased, increasing the price and value of the Kingdom Swap 2.0 Token (KS2).


Yet, the decision to keep only Premium Time is required. The reason is written above in this article.

In contrast, it is an affordable entrance of $45 for 30 days in the new game.


Players must withdraw Gold Coins to the platform to earn a piece of the $5,000 distribution proportionally of the total of Gold Coins on the Pool, divided by your withdrawals. The more you withdraw, the higher is your percentage.

When you withdraw in-game Gold Coins, you receive the same Gold Coins on the platform to earn a slice of the Weekly Rewards Pool in percentage.


It is no longer an exchange by Gold Coin to Kingdom Swap token. You cannot use Gold Coins to purchase into the Marketplace nor withdraw for $KS tokens.

Gold Coins still have all the in-game utility, and you might withdraw the amount you want on every week to increase your Weekly Rewards Pool percentage.

Everybody will be rewarded in BUSD directly to each wallet by Disperse;

After that, a reboot in the Gold Coins on the platform will happen, and a new competition will start. There will be no reboot in-game Gold Coins.


There will have different Pools with progressive rewards according to the Level of the players, for instance:

Pool 1: Level 01 to 07 = 250 USD Pool 2: Level 8 to 19 = 500 USD Pool 3: Level 20 to 50 = 1750 USD Pool 4: Level 51 to 100 = 2500 USD This example is merely illustrative.

The size of the Pools will vary with the number of players at a specific Level range, comprehending that the more advanced the Level, the more rewards.

To prevent abuse, for example, players sending Gold Coins to each other and “monopolizing” a smaller Pool. There will be a MAX CAP of the total Pool per player. We will start with 5% but it may vary according to practice; That is, 5% of the total of each Weekly Reward Pool per player.


Unlike Kingdom Swap 1.0, the new Economy 2.0 will ever have incentives for High Levels since every week is a new competition, segmented by Level Ranges, with NO more Daily Withdrawals Limit.

Unlike Kingdom Swap 1.0, it is not just about withdrawing Gold Coins to the token anymore!

It became a game itself, where you may kill your enemies, provide Guild War, and try to reach the highest percentage of each Weekly Rewards Pool.


Withdrawing Gold Coins inside the house, if you are owner, will give you a bonus of 10%.

For instance: if you withdraw 10,000 Gold Coins, you will receive 11,000 Gold Coins on the competition.

Another incentive is the Health Points and Mana Points regeneration while sleeping on your bed.


The quantity of the pools, Level ranges, and reward size, will be announced every week on Friday, according to the progression in the game.

The payments and reboot of withdrawal Gold Coins will occur every Monday.

Once again: the payments are in BUSD, and the ranking of players/farmers is public; Which will save everybody’s time, especially developers that may focus on the development and improvement of the project, bringing the utilities talked above, NFTs, and so on…


Once the Kingdom Swap 2.0 has solved critical topics, there will be more time to focus on features such as the creation of hidden NFTs.

Those are worth real money accordingly with its rarity.

To find them you’ll have to explore all corners of the map, talk to the NPCs, challenge creatures, basically dive into the game’s RPG. The harder it is to find it, the more valuable the NFT.


In Kingdom Swap 1.0, Gold Coins were worth tokens directly, and this past model shows it is not sustainable; Since Gold Coins are inflationary assets inside the game against a deflationary token, with limited supply.

Economy 1.0: Players hunting creatures and collecting gold coins means more people receiving token and selling into the market

The more players and the higher the levels, the higher rewards and selling pressure.

In that way, it could never have exponential growth.

Halving reduced the selling pressure in the short term, but it would never solve the root cause. Till when could we make Halving to attempt to preserve the project?

In Kingdom Swap 2.0, Gold coins are worth percentages in the Weekly Reward Pool, to after that collect the reward, directly in BUSD, without price volatility.

Economy 2.0: Players may hunt creatures and collect the Gold Coins freely.

The quantity of players and Levels won’t exceed the cost of ceiling with limited selling pressure.

In that way, the exponential growth will not hurt the token price.

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